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Jul 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
it going. >> let's go to twin city. he had a baby to left field. this is when they knew it would be a long night. they beat baltimore. the final there was 19-7. the redskins are taking the rockies through the classroom work. they are working on the field. there he is, rgiii second day dawning camp. it actually began july 26. he could not participate because of the contract situation. today we asked the receiver about rgiii missing time. >> he will be ready to go regardless of whenever he comes to camp. a lot of receivers went down to waco. we worked out with rgiii twice a day. things will get better. >> after their performance last night -- they want but they struggled. they came back from a 10 point deficit. everybody is down on this team saying they are not the dream team. you cannot question the effort by lebron james. i know he missed a dunk. he plays d. he kept usa in the game and performed extremely well. one other note, the was as today released andre baunche. they could not get a deal done under the new cba. they can let him go and release hampshire this i have to pay $23 bi
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. oklahoma city, 106 degrees. there we are with our nice 76 degrees. baltimore, annapolis 15, almost 20 degrees there is a live view of rehoboth. cloudy with some showers and a breeze that you can see a ocean city tomorrow. i think the sunshine will be coming back. look at ocean city. 73 degrees. that is what the water temperature is. 73 degrees. the heavier ones are well up to our north west. there have been a few little pop-up variety thundershowers, but i think as that gets into the moist air the humid air that is around us, -- earlier, there was a line. that is beginning to break up near pittsburgh. you can get an idea. there are some out to our west. i think those will be if anything staying more to the south, you folks in charles county, near fredericksburg. the rain in the last two days, in ocean city, four inches, but overall, it has been spotty. through the overnight hours some of the showers more to our south. look at the temperatures. by tomorrow, some spots will be in to be high 60's to 70's, and tomorrow, i think there will be a scattering of showers with a lot of clouds
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2